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You will be requested to fill up some information about yourself and be subjected to two types of evaluation as mentioned below:

Qualitative Examination
  • This section comprises of a Behavioral Analysis exercise where the overall intent is to identify the individual's basic traits and nature.
  • This knowledge of an individuals psyche will help us ensure that there is perfect clarity and alignment in terms of "Right Sourcing".
(NOTE : There is no right or wrong answer as far as this section is concerned. Please be absolutely honest and put down the first thought that comes to your mind. More often that not we have found this to be the closest to the truth.)

Quantitative Examination
  • This section comprises of a skill based evaluation criteria where the overall intent is to identify and evaluate the skill based competency of the individual.
  • The actual structure of this test can and will vary based on the role that the associate is applying for.
(eg.: The skill sets that we would be looking for and evaluating from a Tech Support perspective would be different when compared to the skill sets from a Customer Service perspective.)

The fundamental approach of this recruitment engine is to identify and recruit talent, based on character traits and then train them based on skill sets required.